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they overcharge for services that arent even worth the price. they also are very unconcerned with peopples health .

i got bloodwork done and they never called to give me the results. which is ridiculous. also whenever i called the nurse advice line for a health concern and wanted advice the lady i spoke to acted like what i had was nothing and not worth coming in for a checkup.... i then do some digging on google and find out what i could possibly have is extremely dangerous and has to be treated ?

vancouver clinic get your story straight! stop overcharging people and do your job right .

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Naples, Florida, United States #599732

Hold on, you call the hotline to see if you should go to the doctor? WHY?

The person on the phone can not see you so how the heck would she know?

They take what you tell them and give you advice based on that.

Then you google whatever your symptoms are (which is most likely more than you told the person on the phone) and now you might have something dangerous? What exactly were your symptoms, what did google tell you that you might have, and did you in fact go to the doctor??

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